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About Us

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Urban Bazaar is the project of businessman/entrepreneur Johnny Sy. He is the first to know how hard to be a small scale business person in any industry. He came from that setup but through hard work, he managed to come out on top. As such, to pay his success forward to others, he came up with this venture which aims to help small business owners like him once so they can have the exposure they need when it comes to their products.

Why did he choose to focus on businesses that specialize in handicrafts? Simply because he recognized a lot of potential in this industry. He recognized hard work when he sees one and he knows that this business is one that is often overlooked especially with the presence of more high-end retailers who can mass produce with the help of much modern technology they can afford.

Urban Bazaar was started in the year 2005. The main goal is to create a group for artisans who specialize in handicraft items. The purpose of the group is to enable them to have as many supporters as they can have and for them not to feel overwhelmed facing much bigger manufacturers. Sy believes that having more people you can be in partnership with makes you stronger and undefeatable. That is why he encouraged as many artisans as possible to be a part of this group.

Is it successful? Based on the statistics it is. Because artisans that we are in partnership with was able to sell more product as a group than as individuals. This can also be attributed to the excessive advertising of their products which is one of the assistance that we extend to them. Also, with more artisans working together, there is a relatively wider range of choices for the consumers.

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